E. Coli Attorney: Outbreak Spreads from Kentucky to Neighboring States

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E. Coli Attorney: Outbreak Spreads from Kentucky to Neighboring States

E. Coli Attorney
  • Tony Coveny | Apr 4, 2019

E. coli Attorney: “Kentucky e. coli outbreak source narrowed to beef, chicken, and cheese, but which is the guilty conduit?”
The e. coli outbreak that initially impacted 20 people across the state of Kentucky has now sickened at least 44 people. The outbreak has also spread to parts of Tennessee, Georgia, and Ohio. Health officials from the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services believe they have narrowed the source of the infections to beef, chicken, and sliced American cheese. Initial reports identified an unknown type of food distribution service as a possible common factor among those who became ill, possibly fast food.

Tony Coveny, PhD, Infectious Disease Attorney

Investigators have determined that the strain of bacteria is e. coli O103, which is less common than the strain that usually causes foodborne disease illnesses, O157:H7. With 44 cases of illnesses, Kentucky now has the largest outbreak of e. coli O103 in the US since 2000. Six people who became ill from e. coli have been hospitalized.
Health officials may increase the number of illnesses that can be connected with beef, chicken, and sliced American cheese e. coli contamination. It typically takes 2-3 weeks from the time someone becomes ill, when they seek medical attention, for the illnesses to be reported to the health department.
According to one E. coli attorney:

“beef and chicken are obvious culprits when raw, as most meats  require cooking or another kill-step to destroy bacteria.  But cheese, unless unpasteurized, and processed or prepared meats, should be free of any pathogen like e. coli O103.”

The illnesses have been reported across the state of Kentucky. At least five cases occurred in Fayette County, which includes one of Kentucky’s largest cities, Lexington.
Kentucky health department officials are coordinating with investigators in Tennessee, Georgia, and Ohio, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to determine the source of the growing numbers of illnesses related to e. coli contamination.
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